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I've performed an operation on a column which gives me a number, and I'd like to transform this number into hours.
How do I do this?
I've used “cell format” but it doesn't work.
Example: my total is 9, in another cell I divide this number by 2, which gives me 4.5 and I'd like this number to appear in hourly format: 4:50 so that I can then add up several cells.

Thank you

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4.5 hours corresponds to 4:30, not to 4:50.

Let's say your total is in D2.

Excel stores times as fractions of 1 day = 24 hours, so to convert a number of hours to time, divide by 24.

In another cell, enter the formula =D2/2/24

Apply the custom number format [h]:mm to the cell with the formula.

This can be filled down if required.