Not sure what the best function is to use

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I'm currently attempting to make cells populate if a few conditions are true. Below is a snapshot from the table on what I'm attempting. The information below is from a table that forms the policy index for that specific set of Clauses. So this one is "Section 1" and is on its own tab. The full list of all documents are their own tab. The goal is to find in the full list of documents the specific Document Number and return the information for Date Reviewed, Review Frequency, Review Date, and Author. This will help form a snapshot on the index which is placed in the binder when everything is due for that specific section. It will also keep the index updated since the main list of documents is where updates always occur. What would be really amazing is if all this could also be tied to the actual policy word document, but I'll save that for another question!


Policy  Document Number BRC NumberFull DocVersion #Date ReviewedReview FrequencyReview DueAuthor
Product Safety & Quality Culture 1111 11111.011   =
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Maybe with the above formula as shown in the attached file. If you work with Office365 or 2021 you can as well apply XLOOKUP.

I keep getting N/A for vlookup and VALUE for XLOOKUP. Really not sure what my issue is here.


Maybe as in the attached file.