Not able to download Excel file which is having macro

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Dear Team,


Whenever I am trying to download any BoQ excel file which has macros in it as it a recurring issue.


Request you to please help me to resolve this issue.

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Hi, What is a BoQ excel file? Your network may have security settings that are preventing downloading of unknown code. Have you contacted your network admin or IT team?

@OwenPrice, Thanks for your prompt reply. BoQ file is come with any indian government tender. Also discuss the issue with my network admin but they are not able to understand the issue. Because same file is downloaded in other computer in same network.




Could you review your Trust Center settings in File>Options>Trust Center?

Particularly, the Macro settings:




It may be that your Excel has the top option selected "Disable without notification".


On the same Trust Center, please also check the File Block Settings and make sure you do not have Open ticked next to the 2007 or later macro-enabled row:



If neither of those help, please review the Trusted Locations and Trusted Documents tabs in the Trust Center.

In Trust Center

Trusted Documents-> 1. checked "Allow documents on a network to be trusted.
2. unchecked "Disable Trusted Documents"

Macro Settings -> radio button is checked "Disabled all macro with notification"

In File Clock Settings -> Checked open and save option for "Excel 2007 and later Macro-Enable Workbooks and Templates"

@AnkitPanwar I have updated all the images.1.PNG2.PNG3.PNG4.PNG

Change the macro setting to Disable with notifications, then restart Excel and try to download and use the file again.