New to excel and trying to figure out how to combine cell outputs to determine different row colors

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I'm making a spreadsheet for excel and am extremely new to it, I'm making a sheet with a series of drop down menus and want the colors of the rows to change with the series of answers, YES, NO, REPLACED, REPLACE. I want to be able to change the row color based on the combination of answers provided.

If xx is yes and xx is yes and xx is no become xx color
if xx is no and xx is yes and xx is yes become xx color

etc, etc until all combinations are accounted for, 


I've gotten the very very basic rules done like this 


And now im just trying to figure this out, any help is greatly appreciated, if you need more info, please ask

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Hi @Arthianne,


You can use the "And" function

See the quick example below.



@Bennadeau and that will work with text statements as well? not just numbers?Edit: I believe I did it wrong? 




Yes. Just place the text in "quotes"



In your column F and G, make sure there is no trailing spaces at the end of yes and no


Sorry to bore you and take more of your time, I know this is supposed to be basic stuff, I'm making progress but now its coloring all rows, what about the formula do I have to change to make the rule apply to all rows?




I figured it out, I was seperating them with $ which was causing the issue, Thank you


Lol! That was a lot of green! 

No problem, glad I could help.