Need to subtract dates then divide the answer by 365

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Enter a formula in cell E4 to calculate how long each item has been on sale. This is calculated by subtracting the launch date in cell D4 from the Data Updated date in cell C20. To show the time in years, divide that result by 365. Use an absolute reference to the date in cell C20. Copy the formula from cell E4 to cells E5:E14

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That looks like a homework assignment. You will learn much more if you try to solve this yourself.


The instructions are pretty clear: in E3, enter a formula that subtracts D4 from C20 and divides the result by 365.

The reference to C20 should be absolute - see Absolute Reference 

My bad, I am stuck because of something I'm not doing correctly. When I do as I am understanding, I get a much larger number, and when attempting to copy all columns equal the same. That is not correct, in looking at the answer sheet the numbers are much lower and different


What is the formula you have tried to use?

@Hans Vogelaar 


I used =D4-C20/365

Tried the "IF" function and "EDATE" and pretty much the same result


Since division goes before subtraction, your formula will divide C20 by 365 and subtract the result from D4.

To divide the difference D4-C20 by 365, you must use parentheses.

And please follow the link to the article about absolute references - it'll tell you how to make C20 absolute.

I didn't know to divide first. Thank you and I will follow the link. I'll update you. I appreciate your patience and time.