need help with excel formula

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hi, i need help reorganizing these cells from this to this. i'll never finish by the copy paste method. i have about 8 different csv's to reorganize with about 20k lines. Screenshot (130).png

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@johnt9000 Looks like you need to turn to Power Query. Are you familiar with that? If you are no, it will take some time to get to know the tool.

A good point to start learning would be here: 


If you are familiar with, you can set it up to connect to all files in a folder and define the steps that transform the data once, and PQ will apply them to all the files in the same folder. How exactly? That depends on the structure and consistency of your csv files. In your example, for instance, it is not very consistent and it seems to be missing information for the 9:50 transaction. Or, is that just due the fact that you created the example manually.


Best if you could share a realistic (though anonymised) csv file with say 30 rows of information and an xlsx file containing the expected end resultful those 30 rows. You can share it via OneDrive or something similar.

i'm not familiar with power query. i created the file manually to give different examples.
thanks for replying i'm gonna give it a shot
just looked at my original screenshot. that isn't random. the bottom transaction are what the csv is. the arrow is pointing to how it needs to be organized
ill post a better example