My Percentage of total sales is not 100 - Why?

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I have 20 categories of Sales Revenue in Column A, the total revenue for each category is in column B, the % of a category, as it relates to the total categories is in column C but the Total Percentage is over 100% when I total all the percentages, what am I missing?

  Amount% of Sales 
Backup & Recover-Desktop Suppor 70,808.502.2% 
Barracuda Back Up - Cloud to Cloud 11,220.000.35% 
Barracuda ESS - Security Edition $51,508.571.62% 
Barracuda Sentinel 20,093.520.63% 
Carrier Management / NOC Support Services $239,618.997.54% 
Cust Support Srvs/Provisioning/vCIO Svcs $98,514.003.10% 
Field Services Support-Single $1,447,941.0045.56% 
FTE Tech 159,227.505.01% 
Hardware Lease Revenue 11,114.220.35% 
Help Desk Services 1,604,649.8550.49% 
IH-New User_Laptop Setup $230,523.197.25% 
IH-Remote Work Support Services 60,172.851.89% 
MRR - Data Services/Ticket Overage $40,057.001.26% 
Network & Security Hardware $985,825.9031.02% 
Network Monitoring Service-Devices 153,696.604.84% 
NRR - Carrier Management / NOC Services 11,245.000.35% 
NRR - ESS Email Security Services 28,865.000.91% 
NRR - Help Desk 46,500.001.46% 
NRR - Migration Implementation 98,595.003.10% 
NRR - Monitoring Services 15,000.000.47% 
Remote Server Monitoring 102,455.033.22% 
Remote Work/Sharepoint Migration $84,026.552.64% 
Shipping & Delivery Fee 49,970.631.57% 
Software/Licenses 491,422.9715.46% 
TOTAL $3,178,015.20192.35% 
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  Amount % of Sales 
Backup & Recover-Desktop Suppor       70,808.500.0222.23%
Barracuda Back Up - Cloud to Cloud       11,220.000.00350.35%
Barracuda ESS - Security Edition       51,508.570.01621.62%
Barracuda Sentinel       20,093.520.00630.63%
Carrier Management / NOC Support Services     239,618.990.07547.54%
Cust Support Srvs/Provisioning/vCIO Svcs       98,514.000.0313.10%
Field Services Support-Single 1,447,941.000.455645.56%
FTE Tech     159,227.500.05015.01%
Hardware Lease Revenue       11,114.220.00350.35%
Help Desk Services 1,604,649.850.504950.49%
IH-New User_Laptop Setup     230,523.190.07257.25%
IH-Remote Work Support Services       60,172.850.01891.89%
MRR - Data Services/Ticket Overage       40,057.000.01261.26%
Network & Security Hardware     985,825.900.310231.02%
Network Monitoring Service-Devices     153,696.600.04844.84%
NRR - Carrier Management / NOC Services       11,245.000.00350.35%
NRR - ESS Email Security Services       28,865.000.00910.91%
NRR - Help Desk       46,500.000.01461.46%
NRR - Migration Implementation       98,595.000.0313.10%
NRR - Monitoring Services       15,000.000.00470.47%
Remote Server Monitoring     102,455.030.03223.22%
Remote Work/Sharepoint Migration       84,026.550.02642.64%
Shipping & Delivery Fee       49,970.630.01571.57%
Software/Licenses     491,422.970.154615.46%
TOTAL 3,178,015.201.9235100.00%

The formula I used is: =C2/$C$26

all the way down including the Total to get the 100%

don't sum the % column



Thank you so much,. I really appreciate your help and response.

@Nathalie135 Not sure about your arithmetic. When I add-up the sales amounts, I come to just over 6.1 million. I.e. not 3.2 million. That's a factor 1.9235 higher. That's why you get the wrong overall percentage. And, of course, you may add up individual percentages, provided you calculated them on the correct basis.

Screenshot 2021-10-05 at 06.50.42.png

Thank you, I thought it looked wrong, I'm not sure what the cell formatting was doing but it was definitely doing something weird. These numbers are what I thought they should have been. When I cleared the formatting of the cells and summed it again I finally got the correct numbers (your numbers). Thanks again

@Nathalie135.... FYI, "cell formatting" cannot explain the difference between 3.2 million versus 6.1 million.


A more likely explanation is:  the summation cell was not recalculated.  And beware: that might still be an ongoing issue, remedied on a one-time basis because the changes that you made forced a recalculation.


In the future, attach a example Excel file that demonstrates the problem so that we can see your formulas, the original data, and the settings of workbook-specific options.

Will do, thank you, I will keep an eye out for that and send a bit more detail next time. Thanks again