My friend needs help with his money file.

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print button: have 3 option

last 3 month to current date

last 2 month to current date

1st to current date


logout button:

logout from user form

to bring up id & password.


sumbit button:

To put data onto worksheet.


Transaction Account Details

view only no edit


Date Lookup:

When put a date Look on worksheet display in Transaction Account Details area if no date found diisplay no date 


clear highlight

clear date than go to data entry




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That file didn't open in any way that could be used (I was forced to open as "Read Only")


And it certainly doesn't look like the "official" Microsoft Money spreadsheet template. So what is the source? If it's a template from some other source, could you point to the original source?


And your description of things is quite cryptic. What are you asking?

My friend made that money file is not Microsoft money program

Thanks You