Multiple If's


I have a multiple if formula I can't make work.  Here is what it is for:


If E18="Flat Rate" then Sum (K43:K46)


If E18 has a number greater than 0, then Sum (K43:K46), but if the total is less than $6000, it should equal $6000.


I am trying this but it is not working....


=IF(AND(E18="Flat Rate",SUM(K43:K46),IF(AND(E18>0,SUM(K43:K46)<6000,6000))))



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=IF(E18="Flat Rate",SUM(K43:K46),IF(E18>0,MAX(SUM(K43:K46),6000),""))


Does this formula return the expected result?


For example:

flat rate min.JPG



flat rate.JPG

Yep, works perfect! Thank you!