Missing Insert Comment and/or Edit Comment in the contest menu of the cell

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Hello Guys. 

I use MS Office 2007 (and for me its enough - I don't want newer).

I often insert comments to the single cell in the Excel sheet. Today I have clicked some keys combination. The result in is I missed the possibility of insert a new comment (for cells without comments) and the possibility of edit a comment (for cells with comments already) within the context menu. With the cells with comments I have (in the context menu) only Delete Comment option. There is no more Edit Comment option. 

I'll be grateful for you advice about how to reset the context menu and get back all comment option (insert, edit, delete).

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I guess Office 2007 is out of support now. Thus it shall be no updates/changes. Perhaps you may try to repair your installation, not sure how to do that for this version.

@Sergei Baklan 

Thanks for your advice. Fortunately I double save this Excel file or even triple save. Primary file, even file  and odd file. I edit the primary file almost everyday and save it as a primary file as well as a copy of even and odd file depending from the month's day I save it (even or odd). Because I haven't done big changes in this primary file, I stopped editing it without saving, and opened the last edited odd (or even) file where I repeated changes and saved it again as a primary file and odd (or even) file. The options in the context menu of the cell are back to normal. Anyway, I wonder what keyboard shortcut I have clicked that the options of NEW COMMENT (or INSERT COMMENT) and EDIT COMMENT had disappeared. There must be a reverse way to restore these options, probably with the same keyboard shortcut. 
Is there anyone who knows this keyboard shortcut? 



I just did whatever you did in 2022.  Did you find out what I (& you) did.  How do I get "Insert" and "Edit" comments back.  Problem is just with one sheet not entire file.


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