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Hello all, I've been working for months in a excel worksheet, however suddenly all the latest versions of this document just disapear from my computer. The last version I can see is from April 20th, 2021, but I've been working and saving it every day since then. I have reverted some windows updates and so on, but he files are still missing. Please help

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It could have been so much that the files are no longer there.
Here are some options that might help you.


Recycle bin :
If these are accidentally deleted, they could still be in the recycle bin.

Go to the recycle bin and see if the files are there.

If so, you only need to go to the file / s and press the right mouse button.

A menu appears, please press Restore and it will be created again where you saved it before.
If the files are not in the recycle bin, they are usually permanently deleted.

You should see the possibilities that some recovery software offers, just search the Internet.


Wrong folder stored:
Open Windows Explorer.
On the left under quick access, go to "This PC".
Then you will find a search text field with a magnifying glass in the top right.
As an example, look for a file "NikolinoDE_focus_dynamic_box.xlsx"
If you write "* focus *.*"
(all texts without goose feet)
all files containing this text appear.
he see the files there, you only need to open them with a double click of the mouse or save them in another folder.


When you have saved the files on the desktop,
Right-click Desktop> View> select Auto Arrange Icons or Show Desktop Icons.

The above steps will help you to restore all the original icons that are missing or disappeared from the desktop in Windows.


If there are several users on the PC, look in the folder of the other users to see whether the files are accidentally saved there.

Sometimes it is also possible that your files have just been hidden.
1) Enter folder in the search box and select "Show hidden files and folders".
2) Under "Advanced Settings" select the option "Show hidden files, folders and drives".
Any hidden files or folders should now appear again.


If the files aren't in the Recycle Bin and the other suggested solutions didn't help, you should see the possibilities some recovery software has to offer, just do a web search.



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