Microsoft Excel Unknown Error

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Trying to download Office Home and Student 2021 - getting a Microsoft Excel Unknown error when I try to update in Microsoft Autoupdate - it mentioned I need to update to new excel version. Current version: 14.7 Which I am trying to do. 

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@DHoffman50 it happens to me as well. There is no way to get ride of it. I have excel current version of 16.79.2 updated yesterday but the one that says 'Microsoft Excel Unknown' version 14.7 does not dissapear from Microsoft Autoupdate. I updated Microsoft AutoUpdate just in case but it did not fix it. Anyone knows how to delete that? Thank you.

@encalo2408 I deleted the old PowerPoint app last weekend. I went in today and the new PowerPoint app had updated. No more errors showing. 

@DHoffman50 Thanks! But I do not think I have something old (apparently in the screen). So do not know how to get ride of it. The actual Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and OneNote is from Microsoft 365 and it is updated.