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Hi all, I use a fuel price watch app named Fuel Map Australia....for some time now I have been recording the purchase details each time I fill up, I'd like now to export the data into Excel, the app only allows me to export in CSV format. How can I now convert that comma separated data into individual cells?




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Thank you for your quick response. I'm afraid my level of knowledge isn't helping me.

I'll try and reword for query...:

I pasted a CSV file into an existing Excel spreadsheet....the file contains 66 rows each row  containing eight separate items of information a comma between each item.

My issue is that the information is not presented in columns...all data resides in column A only. In order for me to use this data I need to place each item in its own column.


Thank you


My issue is that the information is not presented in columns..

can you share the csv?
so I can test on my side.


I tend to use Power Query to import CSV files.  If you do not have the correct row separator it should be possible to sort the problem before writing it to an Excel Table.

Maybe @Riny_van_Eekelen will not approve of my trivialising PQ?

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@pfgreig The point is that you should not paste the CSV data into Excel. But when you have done that, and all comes into one column, you can still use Text-to-columns to create your 8 separate columns.


But a better and more reliable manner would be to import the CSV file with Power Query as @Peter Bartholomew rightfully suggested.

Thanks to all who assisted here...,the issue is now corrected.

My problem was that the app would only allow me to export the records in CSV format to the clipboard...with my limited knowledge it made sense to paste it into a spreadsheet to enable analyzing....acting on the advice from Riny_van_Eekelen I have now simply converted the text to columns and the results are totally satisfactory.


Thanks again and a Merry Christmas to all.


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