Macro/VBA To Set Excel, Word and PowerPoint Preferences

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Hi Folks,


Looking for ideas on how to write a macro that I can use to change/set the preferences for Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook on the Mac. Microsoft Office 365 knows they have a problem where the preferences are reset to default when I quit each of these applications (sometimes they are lost after a few days or a few weeks when quitting the applications.) A macro would let me reset the preferences as a work around until Microsoft Office 365 fixes the issue.


Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @TheRedOak8! You can´t do this. Excel VBA is hosted only in Excel.Locally without cloud its a Visual Basic stuff to do, but I wouldn´t recommend it..


BUT: As an O365 Admin you can look for Office 365 on Mac devices to manage users being in different permission stages and different account within Office 365 Groups. This Group stuff does not only exist for Exchange and Outlook, but also within all Apps on Office 365. And you can easily manage the permissions in the O365 Admin Center, which user is allowed to use which device in which application.

Please see that short introduction on that topic:


Hope that helps. Greets, Eva.




hmm...Eva, the video you suggested is addressing permissions, where I am trying to modify application preferences, like I don't want Excel to auto-fill cells I am typing since I want to ensure the data I am entering is exactly what I am typing. I set this preference by selecting Excel/Preferences/AutoComplete and then unselecting all the check boxes in that dialog box.


How is the group permissions related to setting application preferences?