Excel 2.21 for iPad

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This is a follow on to a previous conversation.  Since i upgrade to Excel 2.21 on my iPad, I now have an issue.  I used comments to add information about clients who populate cells, the comments are added and information is added over a period of time using both my iMac and my iPad.  Now I get this message that says essentially I will lose this information if I update Excel.  I was told that the issue is that Excel on the iPad uses 365 type protocol (my words) and standalone Excel on my iMac does not.


So my questions are:

1- can I get version Excel for iPads prior to 2.21(don't know the version prior to the release last week of 2.21) so I can continue to use comments without losing months and in some cases years of data?  (Note: I do not use comments as Excel 365 thinks I should (make a comment and then get replies from other collaborators) Instead I use comments to collect and document data on customers)

2- If i can't get a prior version of Excel that I can access, then is there a way to workaround this issue between Excel 365 (including excel for iPads) and standalone Excel?

3- Can I roll back my version Excel in a different way? (without getting a prior version)


thanks in advance for your help