Lose copied Value when un-filter is done

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When I copy a cell content and after I filter or un-filter the sheet I lose the copied value. What can I do to not lose the copied value?


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Hello @Natalia Nunes,


Unfortunately, you description is not clear enough for me to assist you. Can you share a sample of your issue, along with a more thorough description of what you are trying to accomplish?

Please find below more details:

I do CTRL+C in one cell in File A as I want to filter it in File B, but when I go to fIle B I verify that this is a filter applied in a certain column and I need to in-filter. By doing this I lose the copied cell and I need to go back to File A do the CTRL+C again and return to File B to filter that copied value.

This happens to me a lot of times and I would like to now that if there is a way to avoid to lose the copied cell when I do the in-filter.


I have this same issue and have not been able to find a solution (other than to copy/paste over again).