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Hi Excel Community! 


I'm looking for some help for an Excel beginner. I have a spreadsheet for client management hours for my team, and currently, we're calculating everything manually. 

I've done some googling and found some suggested formulas for lookup tools, etc., but I'm not sure if this is the right path. 

Basically, we have a list of clients that we sort into levels per manager, which is calculated, and then we calculate hours per week based on those levels. 

I'd ideally like each manager to enter their client onto this sheet and have it automatically add to both totals (client numbers and client hours) 

I've attached an example to explain my use/needs better. 


Hoping someone can assist me or give me some ideas :) Capture20.PNG


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You can use COUNTIF and SUMIF formula to achieve the desired results





See attached document with proposed solution. I would also use a COUNTIF function. You can prepare a table like mine for each of your CM Names and then slightly change formulation accordingly.