Looking for a function for choosing from a list then that lists selects a column and updates target

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Hi Folks,


Need Help!!!


How do I use a list that determines the overall pricing selection in another column that is connected to a description.

My columns as follows in sequence:

Model: SKU: Description: Qty: Unit Price: Total Price



Each tier has a certain discount level with multiple rows of products connected to the unit price.

When I choose a Tier, that tiers price should be in the Unit Price column should update with that tiers discount price.


When I select a product from a data validation list in a description I want the right product price should appear in the Unit Price column.



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Your description is a bit confusing. I'm attaching a file that demonstrates how to create what I call a Cascading Data Validation (also known as "drop down").


If this is not in line with what you're looking for, please come back and, if possible,

  1. post a copy of your actual file (or a good facsimile of it) on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, with a link pasted here that grants access
  2. see if you can create a clearer description of the task