Looking for a formula to help add values of a cell based on what is put in another cell.

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I'm looking for some help figuring out a formula for excel.. I attached an excel file that details the problem. On the 'NDT Hours' sheet, there's an NDT column that contains a drop down list of various items. What I would like is when I select 'VT' from the drop down and enter a value in the adjacent cell in the 'Hours' column, I'd like it to add those hours to the cell adjacent of the cell labeled 'VT' in the 'Cover' sheet. I included some more information in the 'NDT Hours' sheet of the excel file that I hope will better explain what I'd like. If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you for your time and help!

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As @Detlef Lewin has already noted, SUMIF will work. It will work most cleanly if you modify your data range to be an official Excel table, as I've done here. You'll be able to add rows and not need to change the formula.

Note: also the formula can then refer to column headings.