Look up a value and return the cell to the left

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I am trying to look up the text with the highest value in each row. The data currently is orgnaised in this way (attached a screenshot). I am able to get the max value in each row, but I could not figure out how to get its corresponding text. For example, A2 should be "0" (text 1) and A3 should be "user" (text 4).


The text number actually goes up to 124 (instead of just 9). A more efficient way to return the max value would be highly appreciated as well! Now what I can think of is only to click e.g., D2, F2 H2 etc. one by one... Thanks a lot!



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Hi @JoanneYu 




in B2:


in A2:

=INDEX(C2:H2, MATCH(B2,C2:H2,0)-1)