linking an invoice to a spreadsheet

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I am creating an invoice for my customers and I would like to have the raw data on a spreadsheet so that when I input the data on the spreadsheet example date and invoice number, I need this info to be added to the invoice. Also if I can input the month and in the invoice I get the entire month. eg in the spreedsheet I put month:7, then in the invoice under month I will get 01.07.23-31.07.23. I've already created the invoice in excel in another tab so just need to get this info linked 

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So it sounds like you have a customer-specific invoice on a separate sheet from your multi-month (and possibly multi-customer) data sheet.  If you invoice monthly, it seems you will use FILTER functions and possibly SUMIF or SUMIFS functions to pull in data for a specific month.


You do not mention which platform (Windows, Mac, or web), or which version you are using, or other info about your plan, so I don't know how much more we can help you so far.




Thank you for your help. I'm using windows platform and the version of windows you mean? Or Excel version. 


I will try the SUMIF functions. I've never attempted this so it's all new to me