Issues deleting rows & columns beyond the last cell in excel 365

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Hi tech community,


I'm trying to keep my file size down and my sheets legible by deleting all rows and columns that are beyond the last cell. I've looked online how to do it and, even though I've identified the last cell correctly, I can't get rid of the excess rows and columns. I've tried clearing and deleting them and restarting the application, but to no avail.


I'm attaching a screenshot to better explain the issue. Cell E37 is the last cell, however I can't get rid of the ones to the right and below it. Any suggestions on what to do?


In advance, thank you,


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@ElRafaVaz You simply can't delete the grid, but you can hide the unused columns and rows. Select all columns F to XFD, right-click, Hide. Do the same for rows 38 to 1048576.



Got it. I thought it would work kind of like sheets where you can make sure that cells are not taking extra resources by deleting unused columns.


I guess in excel I have to do the 'Last Cell check' and hide the rest for legibility. Thanks @Riny_van_Eekelen