Isolating payments

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In my spreadsheet I have 286 owners that have made specific payments. I need to isolate those 286 payments and provide only that total. How do I isolate these payments and separate them to only reflect this total. The payment is categorized under QM.  

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Let's say the category is in C2:C1000 and the payment in P2:P1000


=SUMIF(C2:C1000, "QM", P2:P1000)


Or do I misunderstand your question?

To isolate the 286 payments made by the specific 286 owners in your spreadsheet categorized under QM, you can use a formula or filter function to extract only the relevant data. In Excel, for instance, you can filter the data based on the "QM" category and the list of 286 owners.

After applying the filter, the spreadsheet will display only the rows corresponding to these specific payments. Then, you can easily calculate the total of these isolated payments using the appropriate function, such as SUM. This way, you will obtain the total amount for the 286 payments categorized under QM made by the specified owners in your spreadsheet.