Is there a problem with this formula?

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=IF('Post Frame Input'!C408='Post Frame Input'!D42,(VLOOKUP('Post Frame Input'!C71,'Truss prices'!B9:H26,3,FALSE)),IF(AND('Post Frame Input'!C408='Post Frame Input'!D43,(VLOOKUP('Post Frame Input'!C71,'Truss prices'!B9:H26,6,FALSE))),1000000))


Can someone help me understand why the answer to this formula would be 1000000 when Post Frame Input C408 does equal Post Frame Input D43. Should something be adjusted is this formula to make it work as intended? 

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Does this do what you want?


=IF('Post Frame Input'!C408='Post Frame Input'!D42,VLOOKUP('Post Frame Input'!C71,'Truss prices'!B9:H26,3,FALSE),IF('Post Frame Input'!C408='Post Frame Input'!D43,VLOOKUP('Post Frame Input'!C71,'Truss prices'!B9:H26,6,FALSE),1000000))

@Hans Vogelaar

It does work. Thanks for your help.