Inserting 2 trendlines on one chart

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I have 2 sets of data, each consisting of two variables and a bunch of values under each variable (picture attached below). 


How can I insert two trend lines on the same chart [scatter plot] so that I can compare trend lines? The scale is the same for variable 1A and 1B and the same for variable 2A and 2B. The data does not increase at a constant rate, which is where I'm having trouble.


I have pictures attached below that show each of the individual graphs - essentially I want to have both trend lines on one chart (to visually compare the slope). 


I'm on Excel 365 - 2019 for Windows. TIA! 

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Like so?

Screenshot 2020-03-08 at 07.59.11.png

If so, please see attached.

@Riny_van_Eekelen That worked like a charm! Thank you so much. 

@texadave You're welcome!



I am trying to do the same thing as above.  How do I do it in excel 365.  Please Help.


@Kickepe Didn't actually remember what the issue was her, but the I first selected one data set (i.e. A2:B5), created a scatter plot of that. Then you go to Select Data on the Chart Design ribbon and add the second series with the proper ranges (C2:C5 and D2:D5). Finally, add a trend line for each series.


All was done in MS365. There's nothing really special about it in 365.



@Riny_van_Eekelen Hello, hoping you can help me. 


I am trying to create a bar graph chart for our quarterly sales results. I am comparing our client's demand to our commitment vs what we actually shipped. I have the bars properly displayed but I am trying to show the trend from our commit vs the actual on the same chart. Basically, I have 3 bars, the client (ex 2,5M), commit (ex 1.8M), and actual (ex 2.2M). I want to display the trendline only from the commit to the actual (ex displaying better results than our commit). All I am able to do is show the trend of all the totals or have 2 separate charts. Appreciate your help.

@Giovanni1220 Difficult to visualize what you are trying to achieve. Can you share a file (Onedrive or similar) with some example data and the graph that you have already made?



This is the data where I want a trend line only for the Commit vs ActualChart.jpg.


 Q1 Results
Client Demand $            2,500,000.00
Commit $            1,800,000.00
Actual Shipped $            2,200,000.00


@Giovanni1220 Not a trend line but perhaps something you can use anyway. I added another column for the red line and created a combo chart (three columns and a line). See attached.


@Riny_van_Eekelen wow that's perfect. Thanks!!