Insert bold type inside the formula

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Hello everyone,

Could anyone help me find a way (WITHOUT USING MACROS OR VBA) to bold 12/15/1997, part of the result inside cell C4 containing the text 'I was born on ' and the TEXT formula?

Thank you.

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That is impossible.

Excel does not support formatting part of the result of a formula differently from the rest.

I'd use two cells - one for the text "I was born on" and another for the date. Make the cell with the data bold.

I know, in fact that's how I started.
However, when I insert other wider lines underneath, "I was born on" and the date are too detached. Is there a way to make the rows move independently without having to adapt all the rows in the same column?
I would recommend using conditional formatting. This you can check the cell content and format the font to be bold. You would be required to use two cells.
Have you tried to format the "I was born on" column as right justified and then the date column as left justified?