Index Match with IF statement


I'm trying to use INDEX MATCH to fill in values in column H.

I'm trying to write a formula which IF column G = "Forecast" (Index(match forecast from meterage tab) then multiply by 0.9341, IF NOT, Index match into master sheet for Budget/Actual figures)


I want it to sum up the rows in meterage tab in columns H, I and J.

In Master I need the figures from column AD.



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That's difficult to visualize. Could you attach a sample workbook with an indication of what you want?

@Hans VogelaarI have attached the workbooks I'm trying to write the formula in BFA Tables file, Policy-Non Policy Tab Column G.

I want to pull the data from the meterage Tab to get the sum of Rows for column G, H and P.



See the attached version.

@Hans Vogelaar Apologies if I did not explain properly.

I'm trying to fill in values in column G 

The formula should be based on IF column G = "Forecast" (Index(match forecast from meterage tab) this would be a sum of the rows. then multiply by 0.9341

If "Forecast" is not found its should look in master sheet in column AD for "Budget" and "Actuals" figures, and brig these figures as they are.




I don't understand, sorry.