INDEX MATCH based on 2 criteria and to return multiple values

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Hi all, 


I am having difficulty putting two logic together, that is  have a formula that works to return the data from 2 criteria using simple Match logic, BUT having difficulty using multiple return values in row logic with it. 


This is where I have got.... 

I am looking to return a row of data (but lets just concentrate on the cell) whereby lookup value is "x" in Health Services Column C AND "" (blank) in Column K. I then wish to drag this down row by row until #N/A.... 


=INDEX('Health Services'!D$5:D1159,SMALL(IF(and($A$1='Health Services'!$C:$C,ROW('Health Services'!$C:$C),$A$2='Health Services'!$K:$K,ROW('Health Services'!$K:$K))-ROW($B$5)+1),ROW(2:2)))


Any suggestions on what parts of the logic I am missing?


Thank you! 


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Hi Sarah,


It looks like you incorrectly check second criteria. There are few approaches to extract rows from the list based on multiple criteria, e.g.


Based on second one the formula could be

=INDEX($C$5:$Z$14, SMALL(IF(COUNTIF($A$1,$C$5:$C$14)*ISBLANK($K$5:$K$14), ROW($D$5:$Z$14)-MIN(ROW($D$5:$D$14))+1), ROW(A1)), COLUMN(A1)+1)

for the range as in attached sample