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I have an existing spread sheet with columns containing dates.

I made a new column with the difference to keep an eye on waiting time.

My problem is, that the dates are not always dates but the cell can contain a month (e.g. November) or even "N/A" which is fine.

I need the calculated cells to show "N/A" instead of the provided "#VALUE!"

I can filter to only show the cells with errors and fill in "N/A" manually but I want new errors to show "N/A" automatically - how do I do that?

My formula for a random calculated cell is 



Kind regards Mads, Denmark.

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How do I apply to all rows in the sheet? :)


EDIT: I might add, that i tried marking the cells in that column but the change only applies to the first marked cell and even doesn't work; it just shows the formula =IFERROR(IF(H799-A799>0;H799-A799;0);"N/A")

@Mads_Stiig Assuming that the formula you mentioned is on row 799 then just copy/paste (or drag) it up and down as far as needed. Cell references will update automatically for each row.

NOW it works.
Thanks a million! :D
Kind regards Mads
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