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In the attached sample file, Cell P3:R4, I would like to return the corresponding data relative to P1 and R2.  What would be a good IF/MATCH? combination to use to return the data already listed there?


UPDATE:   I adjusted a bit my question to be more precise.  Please see update excel file. 


Thanks in advance!

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as an an example .-)

...insert in P3

Thanks NikolinoDE. I was hoping for a search range. For example: =if(and(B1:J1=P2,B2:J2=P1.....)
Any thoughts?

like this?


..insert in P3

almost there...not getting the result for columns Q and R. P turned out great though! Here's my formula: =IF(AND(ISNUMBER(MATCH(P$2,$B$1:$J$1,0)),ISNUMBER(MATCH(P$1,$B$2:$J$2,0)),ISNUMBER(MATCH($O3,$A$3:$A$4,0))),INDEX($B$3:$J$4,MATCH($O3,$A$3:$A$4,0),MATCH(P$1,$B$2:$J$2,0)),"")


works to me :)...insert a file example.

Thanks NikolinoDE. Column P works. But in Q3, for example, the numbers should be 7.86 and Q4 should be 74.08, etc.

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An alternative could be this formula. Enter the formula with ctrl+shift+enter if you don't work with Office 365 or Excel 2021.


My mistake in reasoning..was probably already in after-work mode :),

Mr. Quadruple_Pawn has the right formula, thank you


Here again the file with the correct formula from Mr. Quadruple_Pawn.



@Maddy1010 In P3, use this as an alternative:





This formula works like a charm! Thank you!