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If And Formula

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I have a sheet that I want a formula to return a value if a name and date are found. This is going to need to work on a larger scale, this is just a small example. 





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I'm going to guess that each person has a table below their name and each table has those same dates so it isn't IF you find that name it is more about finding a date in a table that is directly under that name. That said I would recommend inserting a column to the left or right of the table with a simple formula like the following assuming you insert the column at A and this goes into (the new) A2 and you fill down

=IF(L7="Date", L6, K6)

(remember after you insert a column to the left of the table the name and Dates will be in column B)

now you could use a pivot table to create that table or various lookup techniques like:

=FILTER($M:$M, ($K:$K=$R2)*($L:$L=S$1), "")


=SUMIFS($M:$M, $K:$K, $F3, $L:$L, G$2)

You can also do this all in a single formula like:



EDIT: I editted the above formula based on the file you attached and updated the file (see attached).  In the attached the 1st sheet I inserted the extra column and on the second sheet I used the LAMBDA function to do it all.



Certainly! To create a formula that returns a value based on two conditions – finding a specific name and date – you can use the IF AND function in Excel. Here's how:

Formula structure:

Excel=IF(AND(criteria1, criteria2), value_if_true, value_if_false)


  • criteria1 and criteria2: These represent the individual conditions you want to check. These can be cell references, comparisons, or other logical expressions.
  • value_if_true: This is the value returned if both criteria1 and criteria2 are true.
  • value_if_false: This is the value returned if either criteria1 or criteria2 is false.


Suppose you have a table with names in column A and dates in column B. You want a formula in cell C2 to return "Found" if the name in cell A2 exists and the date in cell B2 is after March 1, 2024. Here's the formula:

Excel=IF(AND(A2="John Doe", B2>DATE(2024,3,1)), "Found", "")

This formula checks if:

  • The name in A2 matches "John Doe" (replace with your actual name)
  • The date in B2 is greater than March 1, 2024

If both conditions are true, it returns "Found"; otherwise, it returns an empty string ("").


  • You can use cell references or direct values for your criteria.
  • You can nest multiple IF AND functions for more complex conditions.
  • Consider using error handling functions like ISNA or IFERROR to handle potential errors like missing data.


  • Adapt the formula to your specific table layout and conditions.
  • Adjust the value_if_true and value_if_false based on your desired outputs.

I hope this helps


Attached is a small example of the data. They are in the same Rows/Columns so when I transfer the formula, I shouldn't have to make any changes.


I need this formula to auto fill down and to the right.


see updates made to my comment above



There are some good formula responses here, so let me add a Power Query response. 


First, select the data range then use Data > Get & Transform Data > From Table/Range, ensuring that 'My table has headers' is not checked, like this:




After you click OK, the Power Query editor will open:




Use Add Column > Add Custom Column and configure it like this:


if List.Contains({null,0},[Column2]) then [Column1] else null



Which gives you this:


Now select the 'Custom' column and right-click and select Fill > Down to get this:


Now change the data type of Column1 to Date. Click the ABC123 icon in the column header:


This gives you:


Now with Column1 still selected, use Home > Remove Rows > Remove Errors:




Now double-click each column and rename them appropriately:


Now use Home > Close & Load , then create a pivot table:



Now you can restructure the pivot table however you want, or create another summary. Additionally, this query can be re-run whenever there are changes to the source data.