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Hi, it's me, someone bad at formulas. 


I'm trying to do a checklist/form in Excel. I want to try and show proposed outcomes based on the responses to criteria in the checklist. 


Example of one option I need:

IF C18="Y" (AND C10="High") (AND C11="High"), show Action_6 in D18 (have outcomes in a separate sheet, and just put a defined name against each Action_1 through to Action_7).

Another option:

IF C3="Y" (AND C10="Low" OR "Medium") AND C11="Low" OR "Medium"), show Action_4 in D11


Obviously above is not how you would go about writing a formula, but it was just the easiest way I could think of to express what I need to try and achieve.


I also have a much simpler formula in the checklist where choosing a value in just one cell will show an action.



Any tips would be much appreciated!

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You can achieve this by using nested IF statements and logical operators in Excel. Your examples can be translated into Excel formulas like this:

For your first example:

=IF(AND(C18="Y", C10="High", C11="High"), "Action_6", "")

For your second example:

=IF(AND(C3="Y", OR(C10="Low", C10="Medium"), OR(C11="Low", C11="Medium")), "Action_4", "")

You can place these formulas in the cells where you want the action names to appear based on the criteria in your checklist.

You have just saved me so much time and frustration. Thanks Nikolino, I really appreciate it. One day I'll get better at nesting formulas.