I want to using importrange+index+match which I already using Google Sheets but I'm try on excel 365

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Here's a formula I've used in Google Sheets but I want to traslate this formular into excel

=IFERROR(INDEX(IMPORTRANGE("URL", "Sheet Name!$H:$H"),MATCH($B1,IMPORTRANGE("URL", "Sheet Name!$A:$A"),0)),"")


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Since I only speak Excel (to stay with your metaphor), where IMPORTRANGE is a foreign word, not known to me, you could help me (and perhaps others) by explaining what IMPORTRANGE does, in plain ol' English words.


While I await your response, I will say that a guess on my part would be that FILTER might accomplish what it looks like IMPORTRANGE is doing. I use it personally to bring into one Excel workbook selected data from another. Here's a YouTube video that Microsoft used to introduce the Dynamic Array functions a few years back. See if it resembles your IMPORTRANGE functionality.