I need help with a formula

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I am trying to write a formula to convert a % in cell D3 into a 0 or 3 based on if D3 is >1.


So if D3 is >1 then zero, if it is <1 then 3


I keep getting a 3 no matter what i enter into D3 as a test number.

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I'm sure you know but just in case, 100%=1 so if you are testing numbers like 1,2,3 % then all of those numbers are <1 (<100%). Did you try a number like 200?
I assume your formula looks something like this:
I believe you just solved my problem. I knew what you just said but the cell with the % in it needs to be viewed as is. So i assume the easiest solution would be to change the formula to <.01. I am going to test that now.