Sharing in Excel Online in OneDrive - Pivot table slicers don't appear in Android web browser

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I'm having a strange problem with Excel online, and here is my example sheet for you to try:!AhTZr-GdLCi2aRKYt60Nt5j7cT0


In a browser on a desktop computer (in my case Chrome) it looks like this, and the slicers work as they are meant to:



However, when I open the same link on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S5, Chrome) the slicers don't appear, and there is no placeholder like you sometimes get when slicers don't render:



Why are the slicers not displaying on mobile, and what can I do to fix the problem?


By contrast, if you choose to open the file in 'Excel' on the mobile, which is the mobile Excel Android app as opposed to Excel Online... 

sliceropen.PNG get the following warning becase slicers aren't supported:



It's all very confusing. What I don't understand is why slicers won't appear when viewed in browser on my mobile phone. On my Android tablet the slicers appear to work fine, using the same link! 



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I'd also like to find a solution to this problem and am disappointed that none has been offered to this 5- month old post.

I also would like to know a solution to this particular problem.

@johnrtullis Has this issue been resolved? I'm also interested in using pivot slicer functionality when opening Excel attachments in OneDrive on an Android device.

Upvote. I can see it in google chrome on my phone but not in the app itself. Please help.