I have an error in my If function

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=IF(AD60< 200000;T33*AD71;T34*AD71)

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@Assil1365 Difficult to diagnose without the context in which you use the formula. What's the error?

thanks for replying. Excel is telling me #value!
AD= 367 000
T33= < 200 000
AD71= 192 000
T34= > 200 000

@Assil1365 But in what context? How are you using it? What's in AD60, T34, T34 and AD71?

Here are all of the numbers the formula refers to, I don't understand why I have an error because a friend has the exact same one and on his document it works, it did not tell him , #value!
they are the income of a company for different years
the formula says if the income the first year (AD60) is smaller than 200 000$

@Assil1365 What exact numbers do you have in each cell?

< 200000 is not a number! Can you upload a screenshot or share a link to the file (OneDrive, Dropbox or something similar).

okk give me 2mins
do you have an email address I can send it to you?
I'm not able to upload screenshots here

@Assil1365 You can send the file in a direct message.


alright thank you I sent the screen shots to you