I cannot fill series with a gap of more than 1

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Hello sir/ma'am,
I have been trying to fill series with a gap of 3 but I am not able to. When i take 2 numbers 3 and 6, and drag the cursor upto some cells and select flash fill, it doesn't fill the other cells with a gap of 3. If I use numbers 10 and 15, it's perfectly fine. I am attaching a video with this message. Please help.
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As per your video, instead of dragging just C2 (with value 3 in there) down the rows, select C2:C3 and then drag the C3 down.

i.e. Right now you are just dragging C2, now you select both the cells C2 and C3 and then drag C3 down.


Just like this.


Thank you so much sir. Now I am able to do that.


You're welcome! Glad it helped.