I am getting a #Name error

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I am getting a #Name error. I need help. I have try trim removing any extra spaces. I am not sure what to do.



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Error checking reports no problems, and I don't see #NAME! anywhere.

Where do you see it?

Please note that the formulas in the workbook require Microsoft 365 or Excel Online. They won't work in older versions.


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Hey Joe, it is true that Excel Online does not support all features of the desktop version, but it does support all new functions - the formulas in the workbook work correctly in Excel Online.

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I see name# in cell D15:D32. the formula is in cell D15

I also see BYE in Column C that should not be showing in there.


The formulas in D15:D32 on the 49ERS sheet will only work in Excel in Microsoft 365. Which version do you have?