How to use =Sum on a column that has an IF statement for Currency

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so I'm attempting to sum the value of Column F in Column G at the top and bottom of the document but Column F uses the formula =IF(A#>0,"$6.000","") and so when I used Sum on G it gives me an error saying Inconsistent Calculated Column Formula. Does anyone know how to resolve this error? I have tried using =SUM(F2:F225) and =SUM([Fee]) both return the same error and can be seen in the document attached.

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"$6.00" is a text value, not a number or currency value. SUM ignores all text values.

Change the formula to




or to


=IF([@[Game '#]]>0,6,"")


and it will work as intended

Thank you so much been stuck on this for 2 hours and it was that simple XD