How to insert the formula of exponents on excel?

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I was trying to use Excel on my Macbook. While doing so, I was unable to calculate the exponential power. I used this function for exponent: ^



Apparently when I press enter, the value of the cell B2 shows this error message: #NAME?


Can someone help me here?

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Hi @Zay_K,

There are a few possible reasons why the Excel ^ function might not be working on your MacBook. Here are some things to check:

  • Make sure you are using the correct syntax. The ^ function requires two arguments: the base and the exponent. The base is the number you want to raise to the power of the exponent. The exponent is the number of times you want to multiply the base by itself. In your example, the base is 2 and the exponent is 7. So, the correct syntax for the formula in cell B2 would be =B1^C1.
  • Make sure the cells containing the base and the exponent are formatted as numbers. If either cell is formatted as text, Excel will not be able to calculate the formula. To format a cell as a number, select the cell and then click the Number format button on the Home tab.
  • Make sure the ^ function is supported in your version of Excel for Mac. The ^ function was introduced in Excel 2016 for Mac. If you are using an older version of Excel, you will need to use a different function to calculate exponential powers. For example, you could use the POWER function. POWER function - Microsoft Support

If you have checked all of the above and the Excel ^ function is still not working, you can try the following:

  • Restart Excel. This can sometimes fix minor glitches.
  • Repair Excel. You can do this by opening Finder and then navigating to the Applications folder. Find Excel and then right-click on it and select Get Info. In the Get Info dialog box, click on the Repair permissions button.

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@Zay_K It works on mine, but perhaps the ˆ on your key board doesn't behave the same as on mine. Perhaps better to use the POWER function like this: