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Dear good afternoon, I hope you are well.


I need your help, I have the following pivot table, where I want to hide in the "variation" column the zero values ​​and the negative values ​​and in another table the zero values ​​and the positive values, then extract from the pivot table In mention.



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thanking you in advance for all your help.



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Hi @Divasmo 


- Select one of the Variacion "column" (both will be auto. selected): 


- Go to Home (tab) > Conditionnal Formatting > New Rule... > Set the rule as below:


- Click Format > Number > Custom: ,,,


@L z. 

Thank you so much,

but what I need is something as per the image below:





Much more clear: you want to hide the rows where the [Varicion] is > 0 (or < 0 in the other Pivot)

Good question...