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I have a tab which is formulated to produce a short sentence from data input on previous tabs. If select Yes then sentence is formed on comments page & if left blank then formula for the sentence returns a “FALSE” reading.

I would like to hide the rows that remain “FALSE” on my comments page through a button.

Are you please able to help me with this problem?

Much appreciated.

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1. Select the range of cells that may contain "FALSE"
2. Click Home > Conditional Formatting > New Rule...
3. Click 'Format only cells that contain' in the popup window.
4. Change it so it says 'Cell Value' 'equal to' 'FALSE'
5. Click Format, in the font tab change the text colour to white and on the Fill tab change the background colour to 'No Colour'

This won't hide the rows but will hide the text if they are on a white background
Thanks very much for the response. I’m really hoping to hide the entire row if possible.
Can you send a screenshot example of the rows ?
The “FALSE” rows are the ones I want to hide. They are formulated from prior tabs with IF formulas & if satisfied show a short sentence like the one in the attachment about rental income. If they remain false I’d love to hide them. Thanks again so much for your time & responses


Did you try to apply filter to column C (select it, Data->Filter) and uncheck FALSE in filter drop down?

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Sergei is correct. The easiest way to do this without VBA code is to apply a filter to the column.


1. Add a column header then select the column range and then click Data > Filter



2. Click the dropdown arrows and uncheck 'FALSE'



3. The rows with 'FALSE' will now be hidden


NOTE: The filtered rows will not automatically updated if values change. You will have to refilter it each time by unchecking and then rechecking 'FALSE' in the filter

Thanks again. I’ll give this a go. Think I might’ve been trying to overcomplicate it! Appreciate your time.