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I share a dropbox folder with 4 other people and we all work on similar excel sheets within this folder. Lately we have been getting this notification about links needing updated. And when I try to select the update box it comes back that they can't update the links. Can anyone help give me an answer on how to fix this?

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Are the links there on purpose?

@Jan Karel Pieterse No! I have no idea where the links came from or honestly what that is...

@Annagrace18   Although annoying, if the links aren't intentional you can probably just continue without updating and not have any problems but yes that is annoying.  These links can be found in many places including graphs and figures and in name definitions.  You can try (if you haven't already) using on the Data tab the 'Edit Links' and removing those connections.  If those efforts fail you can also try this very helpful tool: 


good luck.

I would never advise to use Edit links to get rid of links. You MUST first find out where they are located and act on that knowledge.