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 hello guys, I am in need of help to create a formula/function, In column D I have analítical info marked as a + sign but In the same column I have the categories wich I need to transpose to column B everytime a + sign is In column D. I appreciate the help. 

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Hi @Cahhanka 


#1 Could you please look at updating the title of your thread - so it better reflects the challenge - as the current one won't help other users who search - Thanks

#2 You did not mention the version of Excel you run & on which OS (cf. Welcome to your Excel discussion space!). The below proposal assumes Excel 2021 or 365...


According to your picture your column E always contains a Number when your column D contains a + sign. With this other assumption and you range of data in D1:E24 (adjust with your actual range):



One way, in B1 and copy down as necessary:

=IF(D1 = "+", XLOOKUP(FALSE,ISNUMBER(E1:E$24),D1:E$24), "")


@L z. Much appreciated, have a great new year. 

@Cahhanka have a great new year too