Help needed in Excel

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I have a cell that changes their values when I enter a text in another cell. This are validations.


Cell L46 = Error - Please provide an explanation 

Cell E46 is blank


Then when I write an Explanation in Cell E46 


Cell E46 = OK


Where I can see those conditions in my excel s/s.

I looked in conditional format but it's not there, there isn't a Macro in my s/s 


Can someone help?



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Isn't is simply a formula in the cell?

No, there's already a formula there L46 based on another cell, then when I write a comment in E46 it's goes ok based on that cell.
I checked also conditional formatting and Format object.

Some how the cell are link similar to Format object.



You type text in E46 and then the text in E46 changes to OK?

That is either cond. format. or VBA.