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Hello, can I add a column to PIVOT so that it is possible to update free text for each row? And that you will be connected to the same line as soon as I make an update to the DATA BASE?

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No, pivot tables don't work that way, sorry.

Hey thanks .
Is there a way to overcome this?
I process data derived from the priority and it is necessary to add comments to the lines


You cannot add text values to a pivot table, and if you enter them in a column next to the pivot table, they won't move with the rows of the pivot table.

See Pivot Table Comments - Tips and Problems 


You could try Power Query.

There is Grouping and Pivoting.

And to add comments you need an extra table with a unique identifier column and a comment column.

The unique identifier must correspond to a column in your "pivot" table.

Then you have to combine "pivot" table with comments table.



Thanks a lot, I'll try it

It doesn't exactly help me, I set up a PIVOT according to the account PC number that I receive as a report from the priority system, and refresh the data, I want to edit the comments field on the PIVOT, and it will be updated together with the update of the report, and not to reconnect the tables every time .
I found another way to do this, through the PIVOT


That's great! Please tell us how, others may well benefit from it.

It's not a great way, but it does the job in presenting the report, you need to add a new column in the database, and number it in ascending order (series), and in PIVOT you can write down any text (provided that there is no text identical to the same line, but you can write down the same text with extra space, comma, etc.)