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I have a column of lengths which I wish to organise into a column of lengths with 0.5mm separation. I would like to have a step by step method to fill the frequency array from the data array using the bin array.

My information says use =frequency(data array, bin array). fill the arrays by highlighting the data array, A1...A50, fill the bin array (B1...B10), highlight the column beside the bin array where the results are to appear, press F2, hold down control and Shift, press enter.  The results array fills.

I get 0 all down the results array.


What am I doing incorrectly?  I am using an Excel for Mac, version 16.71 retail license 2019. The instructions about were provided by Microsoft Consumer support in Dec 2018.


Thank you for your informative response.


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The FREQUENCY function in Excel is used to calculate how often values occur within a range of values....

Here are the steps to use the function:

  1. Enter your raw data into a row, column or combination or rows and columns.
  2. In a separate column, specify the intervals you want the FREQUENCY function to consider.
  3. Next to the intervals column, create an “Upper Limit” column that notes the upper limit of each interval.
  4. Create a “Frequency” column.
  5. Select the cells where you want the results to go.
  6. Switch to the “Formulas” menu and click the “More Functions” button.
  7. On the drop-down menu, point to the “Statistical” submenu, scroll down a bit, and then click the “FREQUENCY” function.
  8. Type in your data array and bin array separated by commas (e.g., =FREQUENCY(A1:A50,B1:B10)).
  9. Press CTRL+Shift+Enter (For Mac: Press Command+Shift+Enter) .

If you’re still getting 0 all down the results array, make sure that you have entered your data array and bin array correctly separated by commas in step 8 above.

Even though my knowledge of mac is limited, I hope this information has been of some help.

I believe you're working in a version that supports dynamic arrays so entering FREQUENCY as a multi-cell array is not needed. Do you have a sample workbook you can share?
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Hi, thanks for your input.


Here is a portion of the file that I'm working with to produce a frequency opposite the Bin array from Wing Cord(Data array) to produce a desired graph which I can manage.

looking forward to your detailed directions for conducting more frequency calculations.  frequency file.xlsx


Thanks, nothing useful has been offered.