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I'm trying to come up with a formula to help me calculate some things. For background, I need to look at bus services running from a stop and assess the frequency within a time frame. If the service runs east and west, I need to use the most frequent. I'm using COUNTIFS to calculate the number of services in a time frame so that bit is sorted.


I essentially now want the formula to look at the row with highest number of services and use that in the next part of the formula. 


E.g if service 1 (cell A1) has 4 buses per hour and service 2 (cell A2) has 6, to use the cell A2, leaving A1 out of the calculation. 


So in essence I want my formula to look at 2 cells, and use the highest number within the 2 cells for the formula, forgetting about the lowest number. Is this possible?



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@Katie_W83 You can use MAX(A1,A2) inside the formula. If that doesn't make sense, perhaps you can share a bit more information on  what you are trying to achieve.