Formule;"non") et nb cellule vide

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J'ai une immensre table qui est bâti à partie des liens de 24 onglets (une ligne de titre, 419 entités et environ 30 colonnes). Je fais tdes onglet de recherches sur mes données. 80% des tri de mes tables dupliquées fonctionnent sauf 3. La formule (;"non") en bas du tableau me rapporte 270 visuellement. Toutefois, Excel me dit qu'il repère 274 cases avec "non"

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Could you attach a copy of the problematic worksheet without sensitive data?


I check the cells in my list and some were not registered as "text". In 4 cells, we can see the visual "NON" but it was not considered as alphanumerical. As it come from a dropdown list in several sheets, I figured it out the maybey my collgue copy-past "NON" from somewhere else. It is to bad because my sheet it's protected against copy-paste but yesterday, I had to do mainrtenance for 3 minutes.....the time someone paste the 4 cells.  

Thanks for your help


I'm glad you found the cause.

And I had to "redo" 419 times "n" for "NON" and "enter" and against in the cell was not the funniest part of the job. But now, everthing is in controlled. It won't happen againt. I put a macro in VBA so no one can copy-paste, still if I unprotect my sheet.
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