Formulas not interacting - COUNTIF looking at DATEDIF

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Hello all,


I have attached images of two formulas, the first looks at the start date of our customers and returns how long they have been with us. The second is on another sheet looking to determine how many of that column are under 2 years.


I have tried all sorts. The initial column of data appears as "x.x" with the decimal number being the months, going up to 11.


Is there a way to make this work? / better way to do this? I'm using Excel 365 as an extra note.

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Change the last part of the formula to:

VALUE(ys & "." & ms)

Without the VALUE function it returns a text like "3.8" or similar. COUNTIF for values greater than 2 will not pick-up texts and return zero.


But why not just use:


That will return a decimal number representing the number of years with decimals. 3 years and 8 months would then be 3.75